Different clay, different styles …. Play play clay

I just quickly want to explain how my head works with regards to pottery – I like different clays – earthenware (terracotta’s etc.) and stoneware (the white’ish clays) and then sometimes porcelain (the white-white clay). Then you also get all the in between clays, which I experiment with if and when I find it interesting. Not everyone works like this – ideally you don’t want your reds to mix with your whites and with thus you need to clean all your tools and surfaces so that this won’t happen. 

So, I make a lot of mess with all the different clays and then I have to make sure everything is clean before I can move onto another clay. Yes, MOEITE (bit of mother tongue).

But I feel like certain things I make, need some red clay and other need some white.  Different styles, different clay, different glaze – play play play!!!!

So you will see, all different styles and different colour clays on this website or social media platforms. This is just to show you what I like to do and my pieces I have created.

I didn’t include an online shop, because I don’t want to make 700 of the same cups or plates. I would still like to do things that make me excited and try different and new things. And I also would like to talk to you and ask your opinion and understand your taste.

See my website as an online studio of sorts – where you can have a glimpse of what I have been up to. Different things I’ve tried. You can order directly from my website or send me an email/message. If you like something and I don’t have it anymore, I can make you something similar, and I say similar because everything is handmade and painted and I don’t think I will get one piece the same as the other – AND THAT’S THE POINT!


Thanks for your support and chat soon.