Terms & Conditions

Colours and size may differ from photographs. 

Earrings do not always match especially size and some designs. Clay has a mind of its own and can’t always be symmetrical – which is why every product is a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece.

A range of products are available but only a few of the same pieces. All new stock will be available on Instagram or Facebook to purchase. Just send me a message with the photo(s). You can go to my contact page to make the process easier since I respond to faster to emails than Insta messages.

It is possible to order certain products in different colours than the photo. All of us differs, and so does taste.

Mostly made to order – 4-8 weeks depends on piece.

Courier costs excluded.

No returns, exchanges or cancellations.

Not responsible for breakage of any products.

Taking care of your ceramics.

Send us an email